Monday, 27 February 2012

Still Winter . . .

There is not too much to say except that it is still Winter, it is still cold, the skies are still gray, etc.  I know I can't complain.  Compared to last winter, this has been a cake walk.  I think we have shoveled snow 3 times.  (Last year, it felt like every day).  So in lieu of anything profound to say, here are a few favorite photos from the last few weeks:

I think my street look amazing during a snow storm.  I just love it.  Everytime it snows, I take this exact photo.  I don't think it looks near as amazing in the spring, summer or autumn.

I have a weird obsession with the way the boots and coats are hung at the kids' school.  I can't get over how they are lined up perfectly in a row.  Maybe it is because at my house, they seem to be thrown randomly inside of the door.

I want so badly to take a GOOD photo of a snowflake.  I've taken at least a hundred.  They never come out exactly right.  Even with the macro lens, I find it almost impossible to focus.

I totally stole this idea from a book and then tried to make more snowflakes with Photoshop.
 It totally looks fake.  I'm not liking it at all. 

I still think it is pretty cool that the kids ice-skate as part of their gym class.

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  1. Like it too!! I've only shoveled once so far and that was only <2" and probably not necessary. Not like our last few years either.