Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Good Beginning to Summer

I realize that in 2 months time I may be singing a different song, but as of right now, I am totally in love with summer in Toronto.  We are on day 7 of summer vacation and I have yet to have "one of those days" . . . I know I'll eventually have one but for now I feel like I am in some sort of honeymoon bliss.  Here are the highlights of the last week:

Last Monday, the kids all bought ice cream from an ice cream truck.  First time ever!

We've walked to the library twice.  We have more borrowed books than we can possibly read.

Last Thursday, we picked up a pizza and headed to a local park for a picnic.  After approximately 10 minutes, the sky opened up and it POURED.  It rained so hard that I could hardly see to drive home!  Everyone was soaked and everyone was laughing.

I'm participating in a women's Thursday night Bible study.  Great women, great teaching.

Over the weekend we spent time with friends from Mexico and friends from Canada.  Nothing fancy.  Just spending time together, laughing, talking.

Yesterday, we walked for what seemed FOREVER to a park with a large splash pad.  Although tentative at first, after about 5 minutes, both Hannah and Alex were chasing each other through the fountains of water. 

When we got home we watched 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, which has to be the most ridiculous premise for a game show EVER.  Tyler and Alex were enthralled.

Today, Tyler and I cleaned out the refrigerator.  Every odd food item that was near expiration, was immediately cleaned, cut, cooked and put on the table for consumption.  It was a 2 hour all-you-can-eat buffet. 

We finally sat down together and watched "Change of Plans", a movie that has been recorded on our DVR since January!  (We planned to watch Babies but after about 10 minutes we realized that it was a little to "Au Natural" for some members of the viewing audience).

We are still doing the tedious parts of summer vacation, including doctors appointments, vet appointments, IXL math, spelling review and chores . . . but no one seems to mind.  I think everyone is just thrilled to be "placed".  Compared to last summer, when we were literally in transition for close to 75 days, there is something to be said for being still.  No schedule, no packing, no cross-country moves.  I'm enjoying Toronto more than I thought I ever would or could.  My kids are happy.  For that, I am very thankful.


  1. How could it not be a good summer hanging out with those 3 good looking kiddos!!!!

  2. Cute picture. (Maybe an "A" for Ava??) I can't wait to make it to Canada to try all the fun stuff.