Saturday, 21 May 2011

An Evening at the Ballet

Ballet Pointe Shoes:  $70
Ticket to the Bayview School of Ballet's 2011 Gala:  $34
Flowers for Hannah after the show:  $5
Ballet Lessons:  I don't really even want to calculate this figure.

Getting to see my daughter dance for five minutes in a theatre full of people:  PRICELESS

Below is a poorly shot video of Hannah's dance.  Videography was prohibited (so we would all pay $50 for the DVD) so everyone in the theatre was forced to take videos with camera phones and flip cameras (everyone seems to justify the "no videography" rule by pretending that it only applies to full-fledged video recorders).  Hannah is the girl at the front stage right . . . or if you are looking at the computer, she is the girl at the very front to the very left of the computer screen.  At the end of the dance, her class goes to the back row while the rest of the ballet studio comes out for bows, etc.

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  1. Very, very lovely and graceful!!! Way to go Miss Hannah!!!