Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Great Canadian Road Trip: Prince Edward Island Part 3

Lobster is the crown jewel of the Prince Edward Island seafood industry. On an annual basis, Prince Edward Island accounts for almost 20% of Canadian lobster production.  So a trip to P.E.I. would not be complete without eating lobster.  Scott and Tyler love lobster.  Hannah, Alex and I have had lobster before with mixed results.  We agreed that we would give it a second try.  We had lobster twice while on the island.  The first was at a restaurant - Fisherman's Wharf.  The second time, we bought lobster from the local fish market and had it at our cottage.  We all agreed that it was probably the best lobster we have ever tasted . . . but Hannah, Alex and I were happy to finally get our hands on a hamburger once we left the island!

Our last night in PEI, we  bought lobster (already cooked) from the local fish market and just ate them at our cottage. 
The lobsters were about $8 a piece.  Since I so rarely buy lobster, I don't know if that is a good price or a bad price.
 It is cheaper than Red Lobster.  That is all that I know.  (They didn't come with free cheese biscuits though!)

Alex did not want a lobster for the second night - he opted for mac and cheese.
He bought this stuffed lobster from the gift shop with some money he had.

I have never seen so many lobster traps in my life.  You could buy one for $7. 
Scott really wanted to buy one.  I can't imagine trying to pack that in a UAB shipment or an HHE shipment. 
And it wouldn't really go well with my Mexican & Ukrainian decor!  So we left PEI without a lobster trap.

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  1. Yuck!!! Those lobsters look disgusting!! (except for Alex's!)