Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Great Canadian Road Trip: Prince Edward Island Part 2

We spent the bulk of of our time at Prince Edward Island in Cavendish, a small resort area along the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  We stayed in a two bedroom cottage near the water.  We delighted in lazy days at the sandy beach and evening strolls along the sand dunes and red sandstone cliffs.  It was breathtaking in every way imaginable!

The sunsets were really a sight to see.  This picture does not do it justice!

My children are weird sometimes.  They were trying to cast giant shadows on the rocks.

Hannah wanted to take a romantic photo of us on the beach.

These foxes were EVERYWHERE.  They were not afraid of people at all.

My children kept "rescuing" jelly fish that washed up on the shore by transporting them to this pool.
They did this for hours.  After the jelly fish were "healthy enough", they would return them to the ocean.

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