Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Great Canadian Road Trip: Montreal

We have officially begun our Great Canadian Road Trip!  I'm going to try to attempt to keep up a "photo blog scrapbook" during our journey so those of you who care can keep apprised of our travels.  To keep things short and sweet, I promise that each entry will contain no more than 10 photos (even though I am probably taking close to 200 photos per day)!

The first stop on our journey was Montreal!  I thought it was a beautiful city with an amazing history.  The highlight was strolling through Old Montreal which seems more European than Canadian.  We kept very busy and the kids were patient with my desire to photograph as much of the city as possible. 


  1. We ate dinner at Schwartz Deli.  Celine Dion ate here.
  2. We toured the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montreal.  Celine Dion was married here. 
  3. We visited Oratoire St-Joseph.  No official Celine Dion connection available at this time.

Next stop:  Quebec City! 

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  1. Very cool!! Must say, Alex looks positivly thrilled!! c: