Sunday, 17 June 2012

Treasure Hunters

A few weeks ago, I suggested to the kids that for Father's Day we buy Scott an inexpensive metal detector.  He has supposedly wanted one since he was a child.  The boys were immediately supportive of this idea.  Hannah rolled her eyes and made some sarcastic comment about how "our family wasn't geeky enough" but eventually succumbed to our plans.  So today after church we headed to the local elementary school to see what treasure we could discover.  We searched for about an hour (our adventure was cut short by rain).  We found . . . .

$5.78 CANADIAN and $.05 FILIPINO PESO!!!!

No, Scott probably can't quit his day job but the kids were thrilled and it was a great Sunday afternoon family activity!  It reminded me that one of the things that I really admire about my husband is that nearly all of his hobbies (and he has had several over the years) are all things that he can do with the kids.  He just really enjoys spending time with them.  So whether they are hunting for buried treasure, making their own smoked bacon (Tyler & Scott), building a model of the Titanic (Alex & Scott), or playing softball (Hannah & Scott), I'm thrilled that my children have a dad that is invested and involved in their lives.  So Happy Father's Day to Scott! 

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  1. That's being a true Dad! Happy Father's Day, Scott!