Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hannah's 12th Birthday!

Hannah celebrated her birthday today.  Sigh.  I LOVED celebrating Hannah's birthday when she was a little girl.  I loved Angelina Ballerina themed birthday parties, princess themed birthday parties, and American Girl themed parties!  The more PINK, the better!

Today was fun too!  I took Hannah and two of her "BFFs" to a local pottery/ceramic studio.  They each chose a ceramic piece to paint.  I was really impressed.  They painted for almost two hours - and the end results were beautiful!  The items still have to be fired and we can't wait to pick them up in 7 days!  I'm sure they will be beautiful!

Hannah chose a Locker Bank.  She still loves the color pink!

Celine chose a Cake Trinket Box.  She did an excellent job with the "sprinkles"!

Katie chose a Present Trinket Box.  It was a lot of work painting all the stars!

After all of that hard work, we celebrated by having lunch at Texas Lonestar which is the closest thing we have found to TexMex in Toronto.  Hannah even agreed to let us sing "Happy Birthday" to her while she wore a 10 gallon hat! 

Happy 12th birthday to Hannah! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Dear Hannah---------!!
    What a fun day!!! Lots of memories in those pictures!!