Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ballet Recital 2012: Seasons

We survived one of my least favorite / most favorite weeks of the year!  Ballet Recital Week!  I dread it because I literally spend hours driving Hannah to and from extra practices.  I LOVE IT because for two nights I get to sit it a darkened theatre and watch my only daughter take the stage and amaze me. 

This year's recital was titled SEASONS.  The show was divided into four parts:  Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.  Hannah was in the Autumn portion of the show.  Since ballet seems to always be symbolic of something, I guess she was supposed to represent the arrival of the autumn colors . . . her dress was stunning.

We have a very poor video of the Fall Waltz . . . we have a better video, but you will have to come to Toronto if you want to see it.  For the beginning of this dance, Hannah is front row stage right.  She then leads the girls around in a circle.  She then is in the front center. She finishes the dance in the back row stage right.  Are you confused yet? 

During the second Act, they eleaborated on the season of Spring with portraying a garden filled with flowers . . . Hannah was one of the blue flowers.  And YES, this is the mystery dress that I photographed a few weeks ago!

We have a terrible video of this dance too.  For most of it, Hannah is second row stage left.

So . . . the recital is over until next year.  Hannah was kind of sad when it was all over . . . exhausted and sad.  The boys gave her a big bouquet of flowers after the show.  We then stopped for ice cream.  A nice finale to a long but rewarding week.


  1. Jennifer, so beautiful to watch. Hannah looks amazing! I'm sure you are so proud of her! :)

  2. What fun! I can't wait to watch the "better" video in July!

  3. Excellent, Hannah!! So graceful!! (Where did that come from???) So proud! Can't wait to see more in a few weeks!