Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Ballet Costume

This week Hannah brought home one of her ballet recital costumes . . . this caused a huge dilemma for me because I feel the uncontrollable need to photograph everything.   I can barely resist taking a photo of a random butterfly in my backyard.  My only daughter in a ballet tutu?  Not taking the photo would be unbearable.  The problem is that Hannah's ballet teacher is emphatic that no photos of the costumes appear on Facebook, Twitter, etc. before the recital because doing so would ruin the artistic integrity of the performance.  Now, we can argue whether preemptive photos would truly result in performance night tragedy but rather than upset my daughter's deep loyalty to her director, I promised that my photo would in no way reveal the costume's color or detailed design.  So . . . here is Hannah in one of her recital costumes.  I know that you are all dying in anticipation to know the color but you will have to wait until after she takes the stage on May 19th.