Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hannah's First Basketball Game

Today was Hannah's first "official" basketball game.  She played the entire game with a sore throat and 100 degree temp . . . something that I feel kind of guilty about now . . . but what was I to do?  They have been practicing since December and the tournament was today. 

She LOVED being on the basketball team, especially because it meant more time with her BFF - Celine!  They were the only 6th grader "starters" on the team.

She also enjoyed getting to know the other girls on the team - most of whom are in 5th & 4th grade.

Hannah also adores her coach:  Madame Moore.  She is also Hannah's French teacher.

I think Hannah's favorite moment of each game is tip-off.

She also likes wearing her "basketball ribbon" because as most of you know, Hannah has a ribbon for every occassion!

One more fun shot from the tournament:

Below is a one minute clip from one of the games . . . please note that Hannah does make the basket at the end of the clip.  The net was torn (what type of school hosts a basketball tournament with a torn net???!!!!) so she did not get the cool "whish" effect that we all know and love.