Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First Day of School - 2011

I sent Tyler, Hannah and Alex off to school this morning - and they were all EXCITED to go!  I was the only one feeling sad about summer being over.  They were all smiles!

The start of the school year did elicit some classic conversations between me and my eager scholars . . .

Tyler:  Are you going to make me stand by the sign and get my photo taken when I go to college?

Me:  Yes.

Hannah:  Since we have to wear uniforms, I am going to wear a ribbon in my hair everyday.  That way, people will always know me as "the girl with the ribbon in her hair" and won't confuse me with anyone else.

Me:  ???

During nightly prayers . . .

Me:  Lord, please help Alex have a good day at school.  I hope he meets nice friends and has a nice teacher.

Alex:  Lord, please don't let my mom be lonely when I go to school.

Me:  Lord, THANK YOU for such an adorable sweet boy!

So all in all, I think everyone had a great day.  We had a great summer and I'm sad to see it end but I'm looking forward to the adventures 8th, 6th and 3rd grade will bring!!


  1. Glad they had a great day. It's hard for me to think of them as 3rd, 6th and 8th graders.

  2. Looking good!! Isn't it great that they WANT to go?? I was always grateful for that! Have a fantastic year Tyler, Hannah, and Alex!!